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MintzTech Connect Industry News — Spotlight on Vivastream

With 26 years of digital and data experience, CEO Nick Fugaro knows that events and conferences generate useful data: Who attended? Where are they from? What sector do they work in? But these questions only address attendance and demographic data. Vivastream is shifting the event data model from attendance to actual behavioral insights about attendees. Using Vivastream, an event data analytics platform, companies that host their own events or exhibit at a third party industry event can learn more about attendee behavior: What was each attendee interested in? How does this compare to their stated interests? Which content and topics did they find most engaging?

There are many ways and technology to capture event data. A company may implement a mobile application to download at a conference; registration systems for sign ins; social media for interactions; polls and surveys for feedback — but this plethora of siloed data can seem impossible to use effectively. It’s challenging for companies to map together each disparate data set and provide insight about an attendee’s event journey. That’s where Vivastream comes in. The company has created a software that presents event activity in a single, visual dashboard that analyzes the signals from all forms of engagement, organizes them into insights, and delivers information to companies in an easily digestible, ultra-customizable form. Vivastream takes the heavy lifting out of event data analytics.

Vivastream doesn’t stop at the end of one event. The platform compares events to each other and presents trends over time, allowing event teams to plan intelligently and marketing groups to distribute relevant content based on the interests of their customers. And Vivastream doesn’t just serve company event hosts — it serves attendees too! Instead of the same tired “Thank you for attending” email, the platform allows companies to send attendees personalized, custom engagement reports with content tailored to their interests.

In July, Nick Fugaro and client Amy Walter demonstrated the power of the Vivastream platform at the Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) Summit. They presented a case study on how Atlassian, an Australian enterprise software company, realized an 1,100% increase in content engagement from using the platform’s personalized trip reports. Vivastream continues to lead the pack in ensuring that the data collected at company events is made actionable and goes the extra mile.

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