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Newly Updated Mintz Matrix - State-by-State Data Breach Notification Laws

Our sister blog, Privacy & Security Matters, has just published its annual update of U.S. state data breach notification laws known as the "Mintz Matrix". Read the full blog post on the 2017 update or access the new "Mintz Matrix" directly.

Amended breach notification laws went into effect in 5 states during 2016 and by the end of the year, more than 20 states had introduced or were considering new regulations or amendments to existing laws. As always, we will keep you apprised of changes as our privacy and security colleagues track them.

The number one threat to a company’s information (personal or confidential) is still its own employees. Having data security and privacy procedures in place which reflect the statutes of the states in which you operate, and training your employees on those procedures, is your company's first line of defense against negligent employee behavior.

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