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DC Universal Paid Leave Tax Kickoff – The First Quarter Has Already Started

We recently provided DC employers with information about the imminent Universal Paid Leave tax.  Since that post, we have received word from the DC Office of Employment Services (DOES) that the first quarterly tax will be based on the wages you will have paid your employees during the current quarter (April 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019.)  That means your first quarterly tax payment and wage report must be submitted to DOES no later than July 31, 2019, which is the last day of the first month following the quarter.  You will be able to submit the quarterly tax payment and wage reports beginning July 1, 2019, including through the DOES online employer portal.  As we mentioned in our prior post, the cost of non-compliance could be steep, so take steps now to ensure you and your payroll administrators will comply.  

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