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EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Intellectual Property — Can Our Creations Also Create? The DABUS AI System as a Named Inventor

DABUS Architect Dr. Stephen Thaler and Professor Ryan Abbott Discuss Artificial Intelligence Systems as Patent Inventors

Dr. Stephen Thaler, the architect of the artificial intelligence system known as DABUS, the first AI system to be named as an inventor on a patent, joins Professor Ryan Abbott of the Artificial Inventor Project, and Mintz IP attorney Drew DeVoogd for this episode of the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Intellectual Property podcast. Patent applications with DABUS as a named inventor have been filed in 17 jurisdictions. Thus far, South Africa and Australia have issued patents naming DABUS as the inventor, and appeals are pending in the United Kingdom and the United States following rejections.

Dr. Thaler and Professor Abbott join Drew to discuss, among other things:

  • The impetus for the Artificial Inventor Project
  • Their reasons for founding the Artificial Inventor Project
  • The intersection of economics and public policy in recognizing AI systems as inventors
  • Criticisms of treating AI systems as patent inventors
  • The development of consciousness in AI systems
  • Did DABUS cry when Bambi’s mother was shot?
  • The challenges associated with the law attempting to keep pace with technology

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Andrew DeVoogd