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Nancy D. Adams

  • Currently representing a New England-based mutual insurance company in a bad faith claim case pending in Rhode Island State Court.
  • Secured a rare reversal of summary judgment ruling in Massachusetts Appeals Court on behalf of a major multinational insurer, involving liability claims amounting to $30 million. The case involved the application of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act exclusion and regulatory disclosure requirements related to its enforceability. 
  • Represented a global insurer in a series of cyber liability claims in both state and federal court brought by various claimants alleging that an employee of a tax preparation service “stole” the identity of the claimants for the purpose of filing phony income tax returns.
  • Representing a diversified global insurer in connection with hundreds of sexual abuse claims asserted against Catholic dioceses and their parishes.
  • Serve as national coordinating coverage counsel for an insurer on a broad range of general liability claims, including concussion, environmental, and sex molestation claims
  • Successfully represented a global insurer in a complete dispute brought by a school district seeking insurance coverage under a commercial general liability insurance policy. The Mintz team prevailed in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. 
  • Successfully represented a global insurer in a complex dispute brought by a former employee of its insured, seeking motorist coverage under an umbrella policy. The Mintz team prevailed in the First Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Represented an insurer in parallel actions before the bankruptcy court and federal court in connection with claims for coverage brought by directors, officers, and corporate policyholders leading to a successful multiparty mediation. 
  • Defended an insurance holding company against alleged bad faith claims brought under M.G.L. chs. 93A/176D in connection with its handling and adjusting of a wrongful death claim. 
Case Study
Mintz represents an American thoroughbred horse racing facility on insurance and risk management issues related to its racing, poker, golf, and dining offerings. Mintz also advised the client on insurance and regulatory issues related to its acquisition of another racing facility.
Case Study
Mintz has been lead transaction counsel for a large radiology group practice since its April 2013 inception, including for major acquisitions in Texas, Arizona, California, and Louisiana. Mintz has also led debt and equity refinancings for the client totaling more than $1 billion in capital.