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Mintz Represented Activate Capital As Lead Investor in’s $87M Growth Equity Financing

Activate partners with technology companies at their inflection point that are led by exceptional entrepreneurs with ambitions to build category-defining platforms of the future. Activate’s portfolio addresses climate and important twenty-first-century challenges by accelerating decarbonization and strengthening our shared systems and infrastructure, investing in the sustainable, resilient transformation of the global economy.

A Boston-based start-up, is a weather intelligence platform built to revolutionize global weather forecasting and help fortify business operations against weather-related risks. As climate change drives more turbulent and intense weather patterns that pose new risks to both lives and livelihoods globally, businesses and governments seek new ways to enhance operational resiliency, safeguard their communities, and react to a more dynamic climate. seeks to empower these decision-makers around the globe with the tools needed to better assess, prepare for, and respond to the effects of more volatile and severe weather.

The investment proceeds of this financing will be used to accelerate the deployment of’s satellite constellation over the next two years. When the satellite constellation is complete, will be able to provide near real-time scans of Earth’s weather patterns.

“We believe’s vertically integrated approach and satellite constellation will accelerate a paradigm shift in how millions around the globe use weather to adapt to the impacts of an evolving climate,” said Activate partner Jon Guerster.