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Growth Equity

The attorneys in Mintz’s Growth Equity Practice provide results-oriented, execution-focused, representation to both rapidly growing companies and later-stage investors across a variety of sectors, including Life SciencesTechnologyHealth CareTelecom, and Energy & Sustainability. We have acted for companies raising growth rounds of $100 million or more and for significant later-stage investors structuring pre-IPO rounds. With billions of dollars in completed transactions to our credit, our knowledge of market terms, deal structures and our relentless focus on closing deals for our clients leaves us well-positioned to help companies secure the critical growth financing needed to scale their businesses and to help investors navigate these often complex transactions.  Whether it’s a control-investment, a complicated secondary purchase, or a pre-IPO crossover round, the Mintz team will be by your side every step of the way from initial term sheet to successful closing. 

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Areas of Focus

Our Approach

Growth equity investments represent a significant inflection point in a company's life cycle.  One wrong turn and future exit opportunities may be compromised.  Companies and growth investors need steady and deal-tested practitioners by their side at this critical juncture.  The Mintz Growth Equity team brings decades of experience closing these complicated transactions for our clients. We will be there beside you every step of the way relentlessly focused on effectively and efficiently delivering results and creating value.


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