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M&A Litigation

Protecting You During and After the Deal

Mergers and acquisitions are often followed by complex litigation. Such disputes can be time-consuming and costly for your business. Our attorneys have experience trying and resolving M&A disputes throughout the country. That’s why companies like Humedica enlist our counsel to guide them through the deal and defend them in the resulting dispute.

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Our Experience

Case Study
Mintz represented a telecom company in a post-closing indemnification dispute regarding the sale of a subsidiary. The buyer demanded escrowed funds to pay post-closing taxes. The litigation resolved after the buyer's low post-closing tax liability was revealed.

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Case Study
Mintz successfully mediated a dispute relating to medical device company Invivo Corp.’s retention of an $850,000 holdback reserve in its acquisition of Hologic, Inc.’s Sentinelle, an MRI coil product line. Mintz argued that Invivo suffered monetary losses due to Hologic’s breaches and inaccuracies.

Our Approach

From Fortune 100 companies to innovative biotechs, we've worked with organizations of all sizes to resolve M&A disputes. We've handled cases concerning appraisal rights, breach of representations and warranties, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, purchase price adjustments and earn-outs, third-party/indemnification claims, escrow, and successor liability. We've successfully litigated in state and federal courts across the country. And we have an extensive list of positive outcomes in the Delaware Chancery Court.

At the end of a deal, management would prefer to focus on the new business, not litigation. We help you craft a litigation strategy that's as aggressive as needed to bring a swift, successful resolution to the matter — allowing you to refocus on your business.

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​National Reputation

National reputation as a go-to firm for high-stakes litigation sealed by numerous significant victories. 


Our team is prepared to advise on disputes arising from SPAC transactions including:

  • SEC enforcement actions related to insufficient disclosures
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Shareholder exercise of appraisal rights
  • Proxy and post-merger litigation

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Our attorneys have successfully litigated in state and federal courts across the United States. And we have an extensive list of positive outcomes in the Delaware Chancery Court.