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Guiding Innovation in Technology, Communications & Media

​Modern technology is changing the telecommunications landscape. Constantly shifting laws and emerging products and services require you to continually adapt your business strategy. Keeping your finger on the pulse of new legislation, federal rules, judicial interpretations, and business developments can be challenging. When the stakes are high, you need an experienced team. We'll help you understand the myriad rules and policies that govern the world of communications and work with you to devise strategies to achieve your goals.

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Combined years of telecommunications industry experience

Areas of Focus

Our Approach

Mintz's unique marriage of regulatory and legislative experience — combined with an exceptional track record of achieving positive results — inspires companies to turn to us with some of their most pressing business issues arising from the introduction of new technologies and services.

Our attorneys provide seasoned representation before regulatory, legislative, and judicial bodies. Clients rely on our effective support and innovative thinking.

​Legislation and Regulation

Our attorneys are at the forefront of administrative, judicial, and legislative proceedings, where we:

  • Strategize with clients on how to improve proposed legislation and agency rules to achieve their business goals
  • Counsel clients on the impact of regulatory and policy decisions on their broadband, digital media, and mobile technology business initiatives and strategies
  • Assist clients in navigating government enforcement and compliance inquiries
​Cable and Telecommunications Transactions

We work with you on every stage of your most critical business transactions, from simple content right agreements to complex mergers:

  • Cable, telecom and wireless mergers
  • Retransmission consent and programming content deals
  • Telecom-related real estate transactions
  • Franchising and rights-of-way agreements

We bring resourceful approaches, experienced advocacy, and a solid understanding of the communications business to matters that require litigation in:

  • Federal and state courts
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Alternative dispute resolution tribunals

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Our TechComm team combines significant regulatory and legislative experience to help clients resolve pressing business issues.