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Strategic IP Monetization & Licensing

Efficiently Generate Revenue from Your Patent Portfolio

Mintz excels at helping clients devise and execute programs to optimize the value of their patent holdings. Through brokerage, licensing, and enforcement programs our teams have helped patent owners generate more than $1.5 billion. Our team counsels on all aspects of the monetization process — from mining the portfolio, identifying valuable assets, and assessing the market for those assets, to creating a market for them and generating revenue.  View more detail about our approach here.

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Our Experience

Case Study
Mintz helped patent licensing company Advanced Silicon Technologies (AST) monetize 3D video graphics processing and intelligent memory control patents. Mintz asserted four patents for AST against manufacturers in the International Trade Commission (ITC), district court, and European venues.
>$1.5 billion

Revenue generated for patent owners

Case Study
Mintz represents Advanced Micro Devices in enforcing its patent rights related to novel architectures for GPU circuitry. The ITC handed down a decision that VIZIO, MediaTek and Sigma Designs violated Section 337 of the Tariff Act and recommended certain products be excluded from import to the US.

Our Approach

Working with clients to identify and access the untapped value of their portfolios is our mission. We have a proven, systematic approach for evaluating portfolios and identifying patents that have value in the marketplace. Our knowledge of the technology — along with a complete understanding of the strength and market value of your portfolio — positions us to propose and negotiate terms that will result in your achieving or exceeding the goals you set for the transaction. We provide all the necessary components of successful monetization programs: technical analysis, market assessment, strategic planning, and execution. 

Monetization Options
  • Patent sale
  • NPE/special-purpose entities
  • Privateer
  • Organic enforcement
  • Royalty sales
Our Approach to Enforcement
  • Mine portfolio
  • Assess portfolio
  • Develop market
  • Create revenue stream
How We Handle Valuation & Brokerage
  • Appraise market conditions
  • Identify “value-driver” patents
  • Locate potential buyers
  • Negotiate favorable terms
Pharma Royalty Monetization Options
  • Monetize 100% of royalty entitlement
  • Monetize a portion of the royalty entitlement
  • Sale of royalties
  • Ongoing success fees and milestones

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Our team has a proven, systematic approach for evaluating portfolios and identifying patents that have value in the marketplace.