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Licensing Revenue Success for AST in Multi-Prong Program

Key Facts

  • Represented Advanced Silicon Technologies (AST) in comprehensive monetization program
  • Program involved coordinated ITC, district court and European venue strategy
  • Resulted in significant revenue for AST

The Situation

Advanced Silicon Technologies is a patent licensing company that acquired assets from an operating corporation seeking to leverage value from its substantial non-core patent portfolio. The patents in this matter relate to 3D video graphics processing and intelligent memory control. They are practiced by, for example, infotainment systems, head-end units, navigation systems, graphics processors, microprocessors, integrated circuits, and other computing and/or graphics-capable electronic devices. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and automobile manufacturers could be shown to infringe the innovations protected by these patents.

The Approach

Mintz worked with the company to conduct an initial assessment of the patents. Following the company’s acquisition of the assets, we conducted a deep-dive diligence to identify the patents with the most market value. We then developed and executed a mixed International Trade Commission (ITC), district court, and European strategy in which we asserted four patents against automotive manufacturers and OEM infringers.

The Outcome

The matter resolved approximately eight months following the company's launch of the program and prior to expert discovery in the fast-track ITC case. AST received significant licensing revenue. 

Supporting Professionals

An experienced IP team quickly developed and executed a strategy that helped generate significant licensing revenue for AST.