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Successfully Resolved One of the Largest Mass Torts in US History

Industry: Life Sciences

Key Facts

  • Over 50,000 individual lawsuits filed in state and federal courts throughout the country.
  • Federal multidistrict litigation and several statewide coordinated proceedings.
  • $4.85 billion global settlement following multiple bellwether trials.

The Situation

When one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world voluntarily withdrew a blockbuster nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug from the market, tens of thousands of individuals filed suits alleging personal injury and wrongful death. 

The Approach

Our attorneys served as lead counsel for the California Coordinated Proceeding and participated in other aspects of the national coordination effort, including serving on the national trial teams. Their representation included participation in several bellwether trials in California and New Jersey. Their successes at trial, along with their efficient handling of thousands of lawsuits, contributed to the national settlement following years of costly high-stakes litigation.

The Outcome

An effective and streamlined coordination of the thousands of lawsuits filed in California, efficient and seamless coordination with the other firms involved in the national coordination effort, and the successful trial results were major contributions to the company’s ability to settle the litigation and return to its core business.

Supporting Professionals

Ralph Campillo, a Member in the firm’s Litigation Practice, served as lead counsel for the California coordinated proceeding and was an active member of the national trial team, participating in multiple trials in various jurisdictions and contributing to the expert development and science task forces. Arameh O’Boyle, a Member in the firm’s Litigation Practice, was also a key member of the California trial teams and played an integral role in the day-to-day coordination and management of thousands of lawsuits filed against the pharmaceutical company.