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The Fourth Annual Greater New York Data Center Summit



Date: April 14, 2015

Time: 4:30AM - 5:30AM

Location: 32 Old Slip, New York, NY


  • State of the Market: Comparing & Contrasting Success Stories of 2014 and Embracing New Challenges, Including: Customization, IoE, Industry Consolidation and Security

Proposed Discussion Points:

  • Supply-side analysis: What were the success stories of 2014?
  • How are industry executives approaching challenges in 2015, including customization of data centers?
  • What steps are industry leaders taking in 2015 to remain competitive?
  • Analysis of opportunities tied to IoE (Internet on Everything): How is the increased demand from mobile devices and all Internet-enabled devices (iWatch, etc.) and (kitchen/house) appliances at home changing the game?
  • How are industry leaders approaching both data security (data traversing the networking) and physical data center security?
  • Have cloud/IaaS deployments in the US (i.e., colo needs of the cloud platform providers) started to taper and become less of a demand driver?
  • Pacific Northwest — recent new builds — what’s driving demand?
  • M&A — how do West Coast assets fit into potential industry consolidation?
  • Why develop or invest in New Jersey and New York? What are the advantages of exposure to Manhattan, Westchester County, Connecticut, or New Jersey submarkets?
  • How strong are Tri-State data center markets and what are the customers demands?
  • How is the cloud impacting the business? How do investors view resiliency? How is the multitiered model design playing out?
  • What types of verticals are utilizing data center services?
  • What are this region’s competitive markets?


Jeff heads Mintz's Real Estate and Communications practices in New York. He has negotiated thousands of data center leases, master services agreements and colocation agreements, rooftop and cellular antenna leases, inside wiring agreements, and antenna tower leases.