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The Future of Executive Compensation for Tax-Exempt Entities Webinar

Marsh & McLennan Agency


Date: September 29, 2016

Time: 9:00AM - 10:00AM

Location: Webinar


  • The Future of Executive Compensation for Tax-Exempt Entities Under Recently Proposed 457(f) Regulations

The regulation of deferred compensation arrangements for senior executives of tax-exempt employers has for a long while attracted little regulatory attention. With the recent publication of proposed regulations, however, the Treasury Department and IRS have signaled that this is about to change. Tax-exempt employers have been at a disadvantage when compared to their for-profit, private-sector counterparts when it comes to compensating members of their senior leadership. In this webinar, we will offer historical context and explain the proposed regulations.


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Alden J. Bianchi is an employee benefits and compensation attorney at Mintz. He advises clients on retirement plans, compensation arrangements, ERISA issues, benefits issues in mergers and acquisitions, and health and welfare plans. Alden is an authority on health care reform.

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