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2018 ACC Annual Meeting

Navigating the Legal Minefields of the Digital Health Revolution


Date: October 23, 2018

Time: 12:30PM - 3:00PM

Location: Austin, Texas

The digital health revolution has been heralded as the future of American medicine. The rapid growth in electronic health records has fueled a plethora of digital diagnostic tools and consumer-facing apps. These tools have the potential to lower our overall healthcare cost burden by detecting life-threatening conditions, managing chronic disease and fostering healthier lifestyles. But their creation, development and use pose challenges for in-house lawyers in a range of settings: healthcare providers, insurers and employers, as well as companies producing and promoting the products. This panel will explore the vast range of regulatory oversight related to the development, application, marketing and use of digital health products by various US government agencies, as well as the employee/employer privacy concerns raised by their deployment.


Professional Cropped Henry Brent Mintz

Brent L. Henry


Brent L. Henry is a leading health care attorney who advises Mintz clients on complex business, legal, and regulatory issues. Before joining Mintz, Brent was Vice President and General Counsel of the largest hospital network in New England.