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Preserving the Attorney-Client Privilege: Best Practices & Future Trends

6th Annual All Day MCLE La-LAW-palooza


Date: April 19, 2024

Time: 4:00PM - 5:00PM (PST)

Location: San Diego, CA

An overarching discussion on how the attorney-client privilege is defined and what it covers, and perhaps most importantly what it does not. A review of best practices and common pitfalls, and how emerging technologies and future trends will impact how companies will be required to protect their communications from discovery.

Event Contact

Alex Levine | [email protected]


Valerie Phan Headshot

Valerie Phan


Valerie Phan is a litigator at Mintz who focuses her practice on corporate, securities, intellectual property, product liability, and class action matters. She manages business litigation, product liability, fraud, and trademark infringement cases for clients in a variety of industries.

Clare Prober


Clare Prober is a Mintz attorney who focuses on complex commercial litigation, contract disputes, and data privacy matters. They were a Mintz Summer Associate in 2018.
Professional Cropped Akoglu Kerime Mintz

Kerime S. Akoglu


Kerime S. Akoglu focuses on complex commercial disputes for Mintz, including contract disputes, insurance litigation, and government investigations. Kerime also advises clients on state and federal regulations and maintains an active pro bono practice focused on immigration and bankruptcy matters.
Asal Alipanah Headshot

Asal Alipanah


Legal Operations Manager, H.G. Fenton Company