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A Growing Benefits Trend: Time Off For Pregnancy Loss

Associate Natalie Groot was interviewed by SHRM and discussed her role in the advocacy for and implementation of the firm's compassionate paid-leave policy. The article quoted Chief Talent Officer, Heather Kelly who said, "I think my first reaction was, I can't believe we don't have this on our policy. Natalie identified a big gap, and we all immediately knew we needed to do this." Natalie spoke about some of the reactions she received from the policy, "I received hundreds of e-mails from colleagues, from strangers, people in other businesses who read about it or heard about it, just thanking me for talking about it, thanking me for raising the issue. Aside from thanking me, so many shared their own stories of loss or grief—how they worked long hours and didn't know who to talk to or how to take time off. So many people had experienced a loss like a miscarriage, and they found it hard to broach the topic."