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The Inflation Reduction Act: How the ‘Historic’ Bill will Affect US Energy Investment

Mintz Member Anne Levin-Nussbaum spoke to Infrastructure Investor on the 2022 'Inflation Reduction Act'. Anne said, "This bill is historic... In terms of benefiting the clean energy sector, it’s hard to say I have any qualms about it." She continued on the bill's benefits and explained, "The benefits [for the CCS industry] are huge... I really expect to see a lot more investment... There’s been interest in transactions involving tax equity investments in projects that have carbon sequestration capabilities... [45Q] is extended through 2033... So now there’s a lot of time for development and improvement in the technology to get new investors involved, to develop structures that work... There’s also a lower minimum requirement for the level of carbon that has to be captured in order for the facility to qualify for the credit.”


Infrastructure Investor