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Jennifer Rubin Named Co-Chair of Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative for Lawyers Club of San Diego

Mintz is pleased to announce that Member Jennifer Rubin has been named a Co-Chair of the Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative for the Lawyers Club of San Diego (Lawyers Club), a specialty bar association founded to advance the status of women in the law and society, effective July 1.

Separately, and as part of the Lawyers Club Workplace Equity & Civility initiative, Mintz is proud to be among the first employers to sign on to the Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative Commitment. This collaborative effort seeks to foster equity and create positive workplaces in the San Diego region and beyond through the adoption of a written commitment and training for employees regarding civility in the workplace and bystander empowerment.

The Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative began as a response to the #MeToo movement with the vision of bringing together all aspects of San Diego employers–small businesses, larger corporations, nonprofits and labor organizations–to collaborate on tools to prevent workplace harassment and the promotion of equal pay in the workplace. The initiative is spearheaded by the Lawyers Club, and supported by the efforts of the National Conflict Resolution Center and The San Diego Union Tribune.

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