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Mintz Joins ABA Well-Being Pledge and Campaign

Mintz is pleased to announce it has signed on to the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Pledge and Campaign. The ABA Well-Being Pledge and Campaign, organized by the ABA Working Group to Advance Well-Being in the Legal Profession, is designed to support lawyer well-being and address the profession’s troubling rates of alcohol and other substance-use disorders, as well as mental health issues.

Based on a framework developed by working group member Patrick Krill, the campaign’s goals are to raise awareness, facilitate a reduction in the incidence of problematic substance-use and mental health distress, and improve lawyer well-being. From education to policies to culture, the seven-point pledge identified in the Campaign reflects the core areas on which firms should focus and the concrete steps they should take as they seek to achieve those goals.

“Recent studies have documented that lawyers struggle with these problems at levels significantly above both the general population and other professionals,” said Bob Bodian, Managing Member of Mintz. “At a time of greater pressures in the workplace, we want to create an environment where all issues are openly discussed and tackled. We see the ABA Well-Being Pledge as a highly visible and powerful demonstration of our commitment to health and well-being within the industry.”

Mintz’s participation in this campaign is one of the firm’s most recent efforts to promote well-being and to address the needs of their community. The firm provides on-going information and education to employees on well-being and mental health issues; develops visible partnerships with outside resources, including employee and lawyer assistance programs; and provides confidential access to health experts and resources.

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