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Northeastern Law Magazine Profiles Member Drew DeVoogd

Northeastern Law Magazine profiled Member and alum Drew DeVoogd, detailing his journey from bartender to patent and trade secret litigator and trial attorney, catalyzed by his transformative co-op experience at the US Attorney’s Office. The article highlights Drew’s commitment to social justice, dedicating a significant part of his career to pro bono cases, in turn supporting marginalized communities and contributing to pivotal legal developments in LGBTQ+ and HIV advocacy through landmark cases like Braidwood v. Becerra and Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia.

Drew said, “I’ve seen the impact of discriminatory laws and disparate treatment on the basis of things that are inherent to people’s identities, and it’s profoundly unjust. I view it as a moral and ethical obligation to use the skills that I and other lawyers have for the good of folks who would otherwise not have access to the kind of representation that we’re able to provide.”


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