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Student-Athlete Pay Ruling: What does this mean for the NCAA?

My colleague, Tyrone Thomas was quoted in the Law360 article, Attorneys React to NCAA Student-Athlete Pay Ruling, in which he analyzes the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision to strike down the NCAA’s ban on paying student-athletes and outlines the positive implications of the decision for the NCAA. The article offers expert insight from various attorneys on the significance of the ruling.

Tyrone Thomas was also quoted in the BloombergBusiness article, NCAA Athletes May Face Long Next Yard in Bid for Free-Market Pay, in which he explains the ruling’s impact on efforts to eliminate limits on compensation for college athletes. In the aftermath of the ruling, the article examines potential damages and the precedent set for related cases such as compensation for former athletes and women basketball players.

In another Law360 article, NCAA Scores Big at 9th Cir. In Amateur Sports Fight, Tyrone Thomas contextualizes the latest “loss” for the NCAA regarding the compensation of student-athletes as a much anticipated shift in the NCAA’s student-athlete model. The article outlines the significance of the amateur classification of college athletes to the changing economics of college sports.

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