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Integrity Through Compliance: Joe Miller Returns to Discuss Anticipated Antitrust Enforcement Trends in the Biden Administration

Joe Miller returns to Integrity Through Compliance. Six months into a new administration and all eyes are on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — and on the Hill — to determine what changes president Biden may make, or encourage Congress to make, regarding antitrust enforcement. Thus far, we have heard rumblings of a federal ban on non-compete agreements in the employment context and we’ve seen proposals for new legislation, like the Competition and Antitrust Law Reform Act (or CALRA), that was proposed by Senator Klobuchar. Companies may need to know how to prepare for changes in antitrust enforcement, and how any new antitrust legislation might impact them. So Joe joins us to share his perspective on these important issues.

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Joseph M. Miller

Member / Co-chair, Antitrust Practice

Joseph M. Miller is Co-chair of Mintz’s Antitrust Practice. He draws on in-house, law firm, and government experience to advise clients on transactions, government investigations, and merger reviews.