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EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Intellectual Property — US Signals Approval of IP Waiver for COVID-19 Vaccines

In this episode of our Exclusive Rights podcast series, Mintz IP attorneys Daniel Weinger and Todd B. Buck, PhD, discuss the recent decision by the Biden Administration to signal US approval of a proposal to waive intellectual property rights related to COVID-19 vaccines currently under review at the World Trade Organization (WTO). India and South Africa first proposed the controversial IP rights waiver last year, and the United States had not previously supported such waivers. Dan and Todd discuss the significance of the communication from the White House and the impact such a waiver could have on businesses.

Their discussion covers the following issues:

  • Impact of the broad IP waiver
  • Whether the waiver helps achieve the stated goal of increased access to the vaccines
  • Potential industry responses to a significant shift in US policy
  • Roadblocks other than IP that remain even if the waiver goes into effect
  • Possible alternative, and already existing, solutions via the TRIPS provision of the WTO

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Daniel Weinger