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EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: Intellectual Property — Basics of ITC Litigation

Intellectual property rights protect your innovations and competitive position in the market. From small startup technology companies to benchmark Fortune 100 firms, IP touches every aspect of business: pioneering innovations, unique branding, seed investment, operations, and more.

Keeping current on the ever-changing landscape in the dynamic knowledge economy is a full-time job in itself. Join the Mintz IP team as they provide the insights you need to protect your company’s most valuable assets.

Episode 1: Basics of ITC Litigation

In this inaugural episode in our new IP podcast series, Exclusive Rights, Mintz IP litigation attorneys Dan Weinger and Drew DeVoogd discuss the important forum that is the International Trade Commission. Listen in as they cover the unique value, benefits, and challenges the venue offers in connection with intellectual property–related unfair trade practices investigations, including:

  • Major differences between ITC and Federal District Court
  • Viability and treatment of Standard Essential Patents at the ITC
  • The types of IP the ITC handles
  • Risks and strategies for Respondents (defendants) involved in an ITC investigation
  • Speed of the venue and complexity of unique rules and procedure

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Daniel Weinger

Andrew H. DeVoogd is a patent litigator and trial attorney whose practice encompasses a wide range of technologies. He represents major technology companies in International Trade Commission investigations, and shares his insights on Mintz's IP Viewpoints.