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MintzTech Connect Industry News: Spotlight on Turing Enterprises

In this edition of MintzTech Connect, we feature Turing Enterprises, builders of an AI-based platform that is revolutionizing the way tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond hire mission-critical talent.

In Michael Lewis’s iconic book Moneyball, Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane has a game-changing insight: most baseball teams buy players, but his team would buy runs. . . the measure of what actually wins the game. Beane famously remarks, “[i]f we pull this off, we change the game. We change the game for good.”

Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, the co-founders of Turing, are motivated by what they see as missed opportunities for tech companies in the ultra-competitive market to secure talent. Like Billy Beane, Jonathan and Vijay are connecting growth-stage start-ups and tech-centric enterprise customers to the tools that win the innovation game – engineering talent.

During their time at the helm of content discovery purveyor Rover, they discovered the value of building a remote, geographically diverse team of workers, which allowed the founders to maximize performance and minimize cost. Jonathan and Vijay took these lessons and combined them with their expertise in machine learning to create Turing, an innovative and timely solution ideally suited to our “new normal” — the broad embrace of remote work.

Turing serves tech companies and software developers alike; its AI-powered platform evaluates software developers and matches them with companies that need their skills. To gain access to Turing’s exclusive network, programmers must pass a series of rigorous tests, covering coding algorithms, systems design, and all major tech stacks.

In the two years since its founding, Turing has compiled a database of 200,000 engineers, hailing from over 130 countries, who possess expertise in a wide range of disciplines and services, including React, Node, Python, Android, Java, Rails, data analysis, and machine learning. Turing also vets non-technical skills like leadership, communication, and professionalism for companies looking to hire effective managers and senior personnel. And Turing’s proprietary Workspace software ensures automatic time tracking, virtual daily standups, and time zone matching, enabling companies to effectively supervise and communicate with their workers regardless of where they are located.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the demand for Turing’s services. As the tech industry rethinks the necessity of conventional office spaces, Turing, with its sophisticated, comprehensive platform, is ready to dominate the market for remote work solutions.

After its revenues rose significantly throughout 2020, Turing announced that it raised $32 million in Series B funding, allowing the company to enhance its matching, monitoring, and management tools and to grow its own roster of world-class talent. The Series B was led by several high-profile investors, including WestBridge Capital, Foundation Capital, and Mindset Ventures. Empowered to continue its groundbreaking work in transforming the tech industry, Turing is prepared for yet another year of innovation and achievement . . . and, importantly, in the words of Billy Beane, changing the game of talent acquisition for good.


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Stephen M. Osborn

Member / Managing Member, San Francisco Office

Stephen M. Osborn is a Mintz attorney who draws on his in-house legal and business management experience to advise clients on transactional, corporate finance, and general corporate matters.