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Institutional Investor Class Action Recovery

Filing Claims:

  • Identify all settlements where institutional investors have a claim in securities and antitrust class actions
  • File proof of claims forms in hundreds of class action settlements
  • Expertise working and negotiating with settlement claims administrators
  • Respond to audits from claims administrators by providing necessary documentation
  • Oversee fund distribution in a manner consistent with the SEC’s Custody Rule
  • Ensure that distributions received are proportionate to recognized losses
  • Ensure that the release that accompanies the settlement is no broader than it has to be
  • Recovered over $200 million in the Petrobas securities litigation

Evaluating Opt-outs:

  • Independently review opt-out proposals sent by plaintiff’s firms and litigation funders and provide an analysis on the merits of the claim
  • Ensure Mutual trustees and fund directors are fulfilling the fiduciary duties  by fully evaluating litigation opportunities and risks

Foreign Actions:

  • Monitor securities fraud cases and advising on whether, when and how to participate in foreign actions
  • Make recommendations about whether to participate in securities litigations in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom
Case Study
Mintz obtained over $100 million in recoveries for BP investor clients from a $525 million SEC Fair Fund established for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill compensation. Recoveries for Mintz clients equaled 100% of their allowed losses.
Case Study
Mintz obtained over $410 million in judgments for institutional clients in the Household International securities litigation settlement. The court and claims administrator did not deny a single claim from a Mintz client.
Case Study
Mintz has obtained recoveries of several millions of dollars for institutional clients in non-US settlements since the US Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank. These include the Tesco regulatory matter in the UK and Slater & Gordon in Australia.