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Telehealth: Keeping Up with the Fast-Moving Federal and State Regulatory Landscape During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Date: March 25, 2020

Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM (EST)

Location: View the Webinar Recording

Join Mintz for a webinar that will examine the recent federal and state legislative changes and emergency orders intended to increase the use of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will include:
 - Cross-border physician and other provider licensing requirements
 - HIPAA privacy and security rules and waivers
 - Changes to long-standing DEA rules governing online prescribing
 - Waiver of Medicare site restrictions for telehealth reimbursement
 - What can we expect in the coming months?

While these federal and state initiatives are intended as temporary measures, it is likely that many of these changes will become permanent, thereby paving the way for telehealth to fully integrate into our health care delivery system.

View the Webinar Recording


Ellen provides strategic advice to health care providers, investors, and start-ups on telehealth initiatives as well as the traditional practice of medicine across multiple states.
Dianne specializes in counseling researchers and research sponsors in matters related to FDA and OHRP regulated clinical research, and counsels health care clients on the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Standards.
Alexander Hecht is Executive Vice President & Director of Operations of ML Strategies, Washington, DC. He's an attorney with over a decade of senior-level experience in Congress and trade associations. Alex helps clients with regulatory and legislative issues, including health care and technology.