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Inside the Deal: The Color of Money

Intellectual Property Chair Michael T. Renaud and Member Marguerite McConihe were interviewed for a piece in the Spring 2023 Issue of Dealmakers LINE Publication’s “Inside the Deal” segment. The article, titled “The Color of Money,” details the firm’s role in the Cynora patent portfolio sale to Samsung, and the “deal rescue” that took place following the breakdown of negotiations, with insight from both Mike and Marguerite on the inner workings of the deal.
From the article: “‘Deal attorneys are really good at spotting issues, spotting problems, and not necessarily that great at solving them,’ McConihe says. ‘A lot of times the best strategy for the client is pushing outside of their comfort zones and saying Look at this opportunity, you have this asset that’s not really being used or realized, and there’s so many things you can do with it.’”


Dealmakers LINE Publication

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