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Mintz Announces Updated Compassionate Leave Policy for Losses Including Miscarriage, Failed Surrogacy, Adoption, or Fertility Treatment


BOSTON – Mintz is pleased to announce that the firm has created a compassionate leave policy for attorneys and professional staff who may need to take time away from work for non-medical reasons to offer paid time off for events beyond the death of an employee’s immediate family member, including in the event of an employee’s miscarriage or failed surrogacy, adoption, or infertility treatment.

“We are proud to be leading the charge in developing impactful and forward-thinking policies that benefit everyone at the firm and have the potential to spark positive change in the legal profession,” said Mintz’s Managing Member Bob Bodian.

Specifically, Mintz’s industry-leading policy will provide up to 15 consecutive days of paid leave following a miscarriage and provide up to five days of paid leave in a 12-month period after a failed surrogacy, adoption, or fertility treatment. The policy also expands bereavement leave available to employees for the loss of spouses, spousal equivalents, children, and step-children, increasing available paid time off up to 15 consecutive days, and up to five consecutive days for the loss of other close relatives.

This initiative has been championed by Mintz Associate Natalie Groot, an employment attorney, who was inspired by similar policies recently announced among women-led businesses. “With this updated policy, Mintz takes a meaningful stance in destigmatizing pregnancy loss and aids employees as they grieve these profound losses, often taking place during the most critical years for career development. I am deeply proud of Mintz for taking this step and shining a light on this important issue.”

“This policy is an important advancement in our continued efforts to update the firm’s benefits to better support the needs of employees and their families,” said Geri Haight, Mintz Member and Chair of the firm’s Women’s Initiative. “The mental health and well-being of our attorneys and professional staff is at the forefront of our decision-making, and with that, we hope that our expanded compassionate leave policy will provide greater relief for those who experience a wide range of losses.”

Mintz’s Women’s Initiative creates and drives programs and initiatives that support the sponsorship, mentorship, advancement, and retention of women attorneys at the firm and in the legal profession.

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