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Time to Step Up Your COPPA Compliance

As we promised in our post on the Yelp and TinyCo Federal Trade Commission COPPA enforcement actions, the Mintz Privacy Team has prepared an extensive review and analysis of both actions, and a helpful guide to avoiding COPPA violations.

Client Advisory is available here.

Completely OT:  Privacy & Security Matters apologizes for not acknowledging Bruce Springsteen's 65th birthday on Tuesday.  A very happy belated birthday to The Boss.  Your editor has attended at least 75 Bruce concerts from Boston to Dublin. He and his E Street Band never disappoint.


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Cynthia J. Larose

Member / Chair, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice

Cynthia J. Larose is a highly regarded attorney in the privacy and security field and a Certified Information Privacy Professional. She helps Mintz clients with data security issues. Cynthia conducts privacy audits, crafts procedures to protect data, and advises clients on regulations.