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Q&A with Guests from the Mintz’s Health Law Diagnosed Podcast Episode, Emerging Role of AI in Health Care

In the latest episode of Health Law Diagnosed – Women Leaders in Health Care, host Bridgette Keller is joined by women leaders in health care to discuss the emerging role of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care. This is the second episode of Mintz’s Women Leaders in Health Care – a series that highlights women leaders in the health care industry.  In this episode, Jane Moran, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Mass General Brigham; Rebecca Mishuris, Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President at Mass General Brigham; and Carina Edwards, Chief Executive Officer at Kipu Health discuss opportunities for enhanced patient-provider interactions and improvements in health care delivery through the use of AI.

Get to know Jane, Rebecca, and Carina as they answer questions on their career, their advice for women in the health care industry, and the meaning of success and mindfulness. 

Carina Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Kipu Health

  1. What drew you to a career in the health care industry? 

I actually lucked into health care! My first job out of college was deploying a new computer system to the 20 Naval hospitals across the globe. Seeing the amazing impact technology could have on improving clinical workflow, supporting clinicians in their decision-making, and truly helping patients get the best outcomes sparked a lifelong passion. Witnessing this potential to empower both patients and providers further fueled my desire to be part of the health care industry's digital transformation and I’ve been lucky enough to have been in this industry for over 25 years.  

 2. What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I find immense satisfaction in building teams, creating positive team cultures, and mentoring individuals to grow both personally and professionally. Leading teams that deliver impactful health care solutions for providers and patients is incredibly rewarding.

 3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

I would plan a 2 month trip to New Zealand where my husband and I would hike, bike, sail, and enjoy the amazing landscape of the north island and the friendly cities on the south!

Rebecca Mishuris, Chief Medical Information Officer, Mass General Brigham

  1. What drew you to a career in the health care industry?  

I wanted to help people, so I became a doctor. I wanted to help people holistically, so I became a primary care physician. I wanted to have a greater impact than just the patient sitting in front of me - so I went into Digital so that my work now impacts hundreds of thousands of people - from patients to my clinical colleagues to society as a whole, in addition to the patient sitting in front of me.

 2. What do you enjoy most about your work?

I am helping someone, or many someone's, every day - to be healthier in the myriad of ways in which that can be defined. I can draw direct connections between the work we do in Digital and improving the quality of care delivered at the bedside.

 3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Back to Argentina - it's a gorgeous country with amazing people, food, and wine. Greece is also on the list - the history and blue waters look amazing, but it will have to wait for my kids to be older so they appreciate the trip, instead of whining about the heat.

Jane Moran, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Mass General Brigham

  1. What drew you to a career in the health care industry?  

I’ve been in my role at Mass General Brigham for 2.5 years.  I was ready for a change from my former CIO roles at Unilever and Thomson Reuters.  The health care industry has been poised for digital and technology change for some time.  Clearly with health care headwinds such as affordability, access, clinician burnout, etc. – I knew that technology would have a significant role to play in solving some of these problems.  I really jumped at the opportunity to work at Mass General Brigham.  With two academic medical centers and extensive specialty care and research capabilities, modern digital technology is essential.  

 2. If you could travel anywhere?  

Aruba!  I have a trip scheduled for my spring break and am looking forward to escaping the Boston winter weather!

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Rachel Yount is a Mintz attorney who focuses her practice on health care industry transactions. Her clients include hospitals, health systems and plans, physician organizations, and pharmacy benefit managers.
Bridgette advises health care providers, ACOs, health plans, PBMs, and laboratories on regulatory, fraud and abuse, and business planning matters, applying her experience in health system administration and ethics in health care to her health law practice.