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MintzTech Connect Industry News: Spotlight on Radicle Science

In a market inundated with dietary supplements, standing out demands more than flashy packaging — it requires evidence. Consumers prioritizing health and safety want products supported by scientifically validated data. Enter Radicle Science, a B-corp revolutionizing the supplement industry’s approach to clinical trials and efficacy validation.

Radicle Science was founded by Pelin Thorogood, M.Eng, MBA, and Dr. Jeff Chen, MD/MBA — alums of Cornell University who joined forces after realizing their shared interest in proving and expanding the benefits of natural medicines. The pair started the company in early 2020, quickly securing pre-seed funding and launching operations by December of the same year.

Radicle Science’s mission is clear: to democratize access to proven, personalized wellness treatments for all. Leveraging the convergence of clinical science, AI-powered technologies, and consumer engagement, Radicle pioneered the “Proof-as-a-Service” category. By transforming clinical trials from slow, costly endeavors into rapid, affordable, and scalable initiatives, Radicle is revolutionizing how dietary supplements are evaluated and perceived.

As a public benefit organization, Radicle measures success by the breadth of products studied and the number of participants engaged. Since its inception, Radicle has conducted nearly 50,000 virtual trials involving diverse Americans — 3x more than all participants in NIH-funded phase 3 trials during that same time. These trials have achieved unprecedented scale, with 54% female participants, 20-30% from minority groups, and 20% residing in rural areas — a notable departure from traditional trial demographics. Pelin emphasizes that “the resulting large and heterogeneous datasets open a whole new world of opportunities to assess product effectiveness for different populations, uncover hidden correlations, and explore variances in consumer perceptions. We believe it’s this data-driven decision-making that will drive breakthroughs in R&D, personalized marketing, and propel us toward precision medicine.”

Radicle’s clients range from start-ups to large public companies. Take, for example, MDbio — The Doctor’s Brand™, whose clinical trial involving 620 participants showcased statistically significant enhancements in sleep quality, anxiety, stress, and well-being against a placebo. These results, which were published in a peer-reviewed journal, bestowed scientific and medical credibility upon MDBio’s product, MDsleep™.

Named a KPMG Top 10 US “Tech Innovator” and a “World Changing Idea” by Fast Company, Radicle has been met with high praise. The team currently holds 100+ advanced university degrees, hundreds of years of experience, and thousands of peer-reviewed publications.

For insights and events from Radicle Science (webinars, case studies, and how to participate in a clinical trial), visit


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Jeremy D. Glaser

Member / Co-chair, Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice

Jeremy D. Glaser is Co-chair of Mintz's Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice. He has over three decades of experience guiding life sciences and technology companies in growth and financing strategies, including public offerings, financings, mergers and acquisitions, and SEC compliance.

Sophia Fein

Sophia Fein is a Project Analyst in the firm’s New York office.