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Gregory F. Dolan, PhD

Patent Agent

[email protected]



Greg is a registered patent agent specializing in patent counseling and prosecution in the chemical and life sciences.  Greg’s extensive experience includes small molecule pharmaceuticals, nucleic acid therapeutics (e.g. nucleic acid analogues and RNAi), therapeutic peptides and peptidomimetics, drug formulations, stem cell and regenerative medicine applications, inorganic materials, and synthetic chemistry.

Leveraging prior biochemical and organic synthesis research experience, Greg provides business-minded advice and assistance in the preparation, drafting, prosecution, and broader development of a client’s patent portfolio.

Greg also assists in intellectual property due diligence as well as IP search projects including patentability analysis, landscape analysis, and freedom-to-operate analysis.

Greg has assisted in the development, drafting, and prosecution of patent portfolios that have attracted 100 million dollar early stage partnership deals as well as 3+ billion dollar buyouts from big pharma.