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Attorney Professional Development

Committed to Your Professional Growth

Mintz is committed to your professional growth.  Our attorney development team partners with our attorneys and external consultants to offer mentoring and coaching programs throughout your career.  We also understand the importance of community and manage several affinity groups whose goal is to strengthen your connection to the firm. 

Additionally, our professional development team (MLPD) designs and delivers substantive, legal training, management and leadership development training, as well as deposition, motion, negotiation, and trial simulations with live witnesses and immediate feedback loops to ensure that you are well-prepared for all that this profession has to offer. 

MLPD works closely with our practice groups to design and regularly update our offerings, ensuring you have the best, cutting-edge substantive legal training available.  But deep legal expertise alone will not ensure success.  Today’s best lawyers collaborate with deal and case teams, delegate developmental opportunities, seek mentoring relationships, and motivate others, all while exceeding client expectations.  As a result, we have developed a curriculum that is designed to deliver important management and leadership content for each stage of your career. These retreat-like seminars are an opportunity to engage in content as well as discuss, and even debate, topics like delegation, feedback, negotiation, client service, networking and business development, and project management – skills that will enhance your career regardless of the path you ultimately choose.

MLPD is an Accredited Provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in New York and California. Qualifying MLPD programs are designed to deliver CLE credit to participants with state bar requirements. 

Mintz is committed to offering rich developmental opportunities.  Examples below are delineated by experience level.

Professional Development at Mintz

Professional Development Programs

General-About-Us-Landing_Media-Callouts-Junior-Assoc Professional-Developments Mintz

Identifying the Leader Within – Transitions Training for Junior Associates

Targeted Transition: exposure to Mintz processes and resources as well as the nuts and bolts of legal practice

  • Litigation and Transactional Base Camps
  • 1YR Writing Programs
  • Networking 101
  • Business of a Law Firm
  • Expectations Discussions
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Developing the Leader Within – Transitions Training for Mid-Level Associates

Targeted Transition: supervisory responsibility, gaining a broader firm perspective, and network building 

  • Supervisory Skills – Delegation, Feedback, Managing Up, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Client Service and Satisfaction
  • Business Development and Internal Branding
  • Career Development
  • Internal Networking Events


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Taking the Lead – Transitions Training for Senior Associates

Targeted Transition: matter management and business development skills 

  • Matter Management – Project Management, Supervision and Delegation, Feedback, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Client Relationships, Business Development, and Cross-Selling
  • Networking Event with Clients and Contacts
  • Workshops with Business Development Managers
  • Law Firm Economics
  • Communication Skills
  • Internal Networking Event
  • Ongoing Business Developing Coaching
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Patent Agents and Technical Advisors

Patent Agents and Technical Advisors are an important part of the Mintz Intellectual Property team. We rely on these professionals for their specialized technical background and their in-depth knowledge of the patent prosecution process. To support their ongoing professional development, we offer an in-depth patent prosecution training series and provide access to Practising Law Institute’s Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp and Advanced Patent Prosecution Workshops. It is our goal to ensure that all patent agents and technical advisors have the best substantive legal training available.

General About Us Landing Media Callouts Latera Members Professional Developments Mintz

Members Leading by Example – Transitions Training for New Members

Targeted Transition: understanding the role of a Member, leadership, and business development 

  • Direction, Organization and Governance of the Firm
  • Management and Leadership – Matter Management, Strategic Goal Setting, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Client Relationships, Business Development, and Cross-Selling
  • Ongoing Business Development Coaching

Formal Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Advising Sponsoring
This program is a developmental relationship designed for Associates within their first few years of practice, patent agents, and technical advisors. Mentors support integration and career development as well as regularly provide guidance, support, and knowledge to enhance the experiences and professional development of their mentees. Mid-level and senior Associates are paired with a Member and transition to our Advising Program, which is designed to support goal setting and career development. Advisors support our more experienced Associates’ efforts to increase internal and external professional networks, foster the Associate’s professional development, and enhance Associates’ knowledge and skills in relevant areas. The Sponsor and Retention Program pairs a Member-level sponsor with an Associate of color. The sponsor gains an understanding of the Associate’s career aspirations and provides the Associate with exposure to other individuals who may help the Associate’s career, raises the profile of the Associate by publicly endorsing him or her as appropriate, and shares information and ideas with the Associate based on feedback gathered.

Community Building Programs

Firm Associates Committee Attorney Family Network

The FAC is a body that meets directly with the firm’s managing partner every other month. The agendas for the meetings are driven by the FAC representatives who solicit questions from their respective cohorts and submit them to the managing partner to address and discuss.

The AFN is an affinity group primarily focused on the challenges that attorneys face when trying to balance work and family obligations. The AFN offers both social and educational programming. The AFN hosted a cooking series for busy professionals led by a local chef. It has also hosted a family-focused social event attended by three generations of family members.