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Our Assistants are a talented group of professionals who are an integral part of the team. They not only deliver high-quality work product but also provide top-notch customer service to our clients.

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Contact Information for Recruiters:

  • Boston

    Patricia Mosesso, Human Resources Manager and Business Partner

  • Los Angeles & San Francisco

    Yvonna Gallot, Manager of Administration Los Angeles & San Francisco

  • New York

    Denise Ritter, Supervisor, Human Resources New York

  • San Diego

    Stephen Williamson, Manager of Administration San Diego

  • Washington, DC

    Ellen Love, Manager of Administration DC 

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Mintz is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

It is the policy of Mintz to provide equal employment opportunity by not discriminating against any individual because of gender; transgender status; race or color; religion; marital status; pregnancy; national or ethnic origin; ancestry or citizenship; sexual orientation; age; veteran's status; genetic information, predisposition or carrier status; mental or physical disability (except where such disability is a bonafide occupational disqualification); gender identity or expression, or any other category protected by federal or state law.

The policy of equal employment opportunity encompasses all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment, hiring, promotion and transfer, selection for training opportunities, termination, wage and salary administration, and the application of benefit plans and company policies.