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Arbitration, Mediation, ADR

Energy & Sustainability

  • Successfully defended a biodiesel manufacturer in an arbitration proceeding concerning a supply contract dispute that involved the correct treatment of federal subsidies provided by the Commodity Credit Corporation.
  • Represented a privately owned LNG supply company in the successful settlement of an arbitration concerning the alleged breach of a long-term LNG supply agreement.


  • Represented inventor of technologies utilized in laser eye surgery in arbitration of claims of breach of royalties by manufacturer of surgical devices. Successfully negotiated payment of over $15,000,000 in royalties on first day of arbitration.
  • Represented a publicly owned biotechnology company in an arbitration over a multibillion-dollar drug development collaboration. The arbitration resulted in a victory which confirmed the client’s right to co-develop one of the world’s largest-selling cancer drugs.

Insurance & Financial Services

  • Representing a client in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in the enforcement of a $300 million award issued in an arbitration in Singapore.

Insurance & Financial Services

  • Represented an FCM in an arbitration brought by a software developer to recover fees allegedly owed for the use of a platform to support OTC brokers in the fixed income and derivative markets.
  • Represented a major multinational insurer in a reinsurance arbitration involving the application of a self-insured retention following the insured’s insolvency, forcing our client to singlehandedly settle a catastrophic claim.
  • Obtained an arbitration award of over $100 million on behalf of banks and an insurer arising from a Eurobond default, and won related federal trial to pierce the corporate veils of the defaulting corporations.
  • Secured a defense award on all claims against one of the world’s largest commodity trading firms following an arbitration by a customer before the National Futures Association. Asserting claims of common law fraud, fraud under the Commodity Exchange Act, gross negligence, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty, the customer claimed that it suffered millions of dollars in trading losses allegedly caused by the firm’s negligence in operating an electronic trading platform and related misrepresentations of the firm.
  • Represented a Panamanian reinsurer in a $15 million reinsurance arbitration dispute with a US retrocessionaire involving dozens of automatic (proportional and non-proportional) and facultative reinsurance agreements and common account excess of loss reinsurance agreements involving hundreds of contracts that the parties wrote and participated in together over an approximate fifteen year period.
  • Represent a multinational financial services corporation in two FINRA arbitrations related to disputes concerning trades in a canceled security.
  • Served as lead counsel at an arbitration hearing in which a board member and majority stockholder were sued by minority stockholders of a company that executed a “down round” transaction. The claimants alleged breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and breach of stockholders’ agreement. The case resulted in an award for our client.
  • Represented a major insurer in a series of “Bermuda Form” arbitrations arising out of the insured’s settlement of a dispute commenced by a former high level executive.
  • Representing a major life insurance company in an arbitration proceeding against its reinsurer regarding a rate increase.
  • Represented a leading independent broker in a FINRA arbitration in connection with a customer default on over-the-counter credit derivative swap transactions.
  • Represented major firms and individual brokers in §10(b)-5 actions and in NASD arbitrations, and succeeded in having all references to an arbitration expunged from the brokers' Central Registration Depository records.
  • Obtained a complete defense award in favor of an executing FCM in a NYMEX arbitration which involved allegations that a guaranteed floor broker violated exchange rules resulting in substantial trading losses and other consequential damages.
  • Represented top US title insurer in a putative class action in a coordinated federal court case alleging antitrust, unfair competition (§ 17200), and unfair competition claims. Eliminated antitrust claims on motion to dismiss, and succeeded in compelling individual (non-class) arbitration on remaining claims based on recent Supreme Court precedent.
  • Defended an FCM and associated persons in an NFA arbitration brought by a customer alleging that trading losses resulted from the alleged improper conduct of various associated persons. Obtained a confirmation of the arbitration award in favor of our clients.
  • Represented a broker-dealer and its employees in a multi-million dollar FINRA arbitration brought by an introducing broker/investment advisor and his customers. The customers suffered losses in clearing accounts when their short positions became over-leveraged and they failed to meet margin calls, prompting their investment advisor to liquidate their positions. An arbitration panel in Denver rejected the claimants' attempt to blame our clients for the losses, dismissed all of the claims, ordered the expungement of the matter from the FINRA registration records, and awarded $500,000 in damages to our client. A federal district court denied the claimants' motion to vacate the award and confirmed it in all respects.

Life Sciences

  • Obtained nine-figure award for biopharmaceutical company in contract dispute with international pharmaceutical company involving milestone payments under a license and development agreement. Following extensive discovery, briefing, and an evidentiary hearing, the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce awarded our client all requested relief, including attorneys’ fees and expenses, and rejected the respondents’ nine-figure counterclaims in their entirety.
  • Represented Aclaris Therapeutics in a successful mediation related to a securities class action lawsuit in the SDNY. During mediation, Plaintiffs agreed to dismiss the one remaining aspect of their claim for less than Aclaris’ anticipated cost of defense.
  • Won an arbitration award, following over a week of trial, completely dismissing all claims of material breach of a collaboration agreement that would have deprived our client, an international biotech company, of its fifty percent interest in a billion-dollar drug.
  • Represented a privately owned pharmaceutical company in an arbitration against a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company over the parties’ joint development of a novel therapy for the treatment of Hepatitis C, and the successful settlement of the client’s right to a milestone payment as a result of such development.
  • Led a “bet the company” arbitration on behalf of a publicly owned in vitro diagnostic manufacturer, and obtained a successful settlement of an arbitration based on claims that the manufacturer’s licensee had failed to develop and commercialize the manufacturer’s microRNA-based products, as required by the parties’ licensing agreement.

Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality & Infrastructure

  • Represented a major university in a multi-party mediation related to the construction of a new central energy plant on campus that was completed nearly 15 months late. Both the Project Engineer and the Construction Manager asserted claims against the university for delay costs which our client countered with errors and omission claims. Ultimately, the parties agreed to a non-binding private mediation which resulted in the groups reaching settlement and avoiding an expensive and lengthy three party litigation.
  • Successfully arbitrated a complex partnership dispute involving claims of breach of fiduciary duties in connection with the management of 3 mixed-use buildings in midtown Manhattan.  Secured a $31 million award on behalf of the client, which directed that the partnership be dissolved and that there be an open market sale of the three properties.
  • Represented an international theater venue operator in litigation against contractors, design professionals and a steel testing company for defective design and construction of a theater. Action initiated in state court and successfully resolved in mediation more than two years before anticipated trial date.
  • Represented a developer in an expedited non-binding mediation process with a Contractor and Subcontractor related to a dispute with the electrical subcontractor's claim for additional compensation due to an alleged deficiency in cable measuring specifications at the site of an ongoing mixed use development project and adjacent parking lot in the Greater Boston area. Mediation resulted in a three-party agreement and no delay to the ongoing construction work.
  • Represented an individual in a nine-month arbitration in which our client sued to protect its minority interest in a billion-dollar real estate from claims by the majority that a forced sale was warranted at a dramatic discount. The arbitration panel rejected that claim, preserved the full value of our client’s interest, and awarded attorney’s fees to our client.
  • Represented an Italian manufacturing company in an arbitration in Singapore, in respect to a claim against an Indonesian counter-party
  • Represented a US commodities trader in an arbitration in Zurich, in respect to its claim regarding losses of nonprecious metals at a Macedonian tolling facility
  • Represented 50% owner of LLCs that hold hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate in arbitration over management and potential dissolution of the LLCs.


  • Represented a senior executive of a publicly-traded global gaming (including sports betting) enterprise through a complex and contentious meditation involving multiple cross-border parties, salacious allegations and months long negotiations related to various securities inquires and proposed class actions that was ultimately successfully resolved.
  • Represented AVX Corporation in a series of successful mediations and settlement intended to resolve an appraisal action brought by various investors, concerning AVX's take private merger with Kyocera.
  • Represented foreign claimant in multi-year ICDR/AAA arbitration regarding breach of international sales agreement. Obtained award and judgment of over $21,000,000 including all damages sought plus attorneys' fees and interest.
  • Represented developer of real-time operating system in complex arbitration, including 21-day hearing, of claims of copyright infringement in emerging area of law governing copyrightability of application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Successfully prosecuted alter-ego arbitration. Navigated complex array of obstructive discovery tactics to recover documents from off-shore shell companies. Obtained order from US Bankruptcy Court lifting stay on arbitration and remanding case to tribunal following defendant's bankruptcy filing. Obtained positive finding of alter-ego liability against CEO of defendant corporation and judgment of over $26 million.


  • Won an award of $10 million from a three-member arbitration panel after three weeks of trial in a manufacturing dispute in Pennsylvania.
Case Study
Mintz successfully achieved a nine figure arbitration award on behalf of a Boston-based biotechnology company before the International Chamber of Commerce.
Case Study
When construction and design defects at Boston’s Emerson Colonial Theatre delayed the world premiere of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Mintz filed litigation on behalf of theater operator Ambassador Theatre Group and worked with its general counsel to successfully resolve the matter through mediation.
Case Study
When the former acting managing partner of a New York real estate partnership misappropriated partnership monies and assets, a Mintz team led by attorney Chris Sullivan obtained a $31M award for damages.
Case Study
Mintz secured awards of over $21 million and $26 million in multinational arbitrations for digital consumer product manufacturer Tatung Company. The matter was split into a breach of contract case against an electronics wholesaler and an alter ego case against its parent company and CEO.
Case Study
Mintz secured an arbitration award of more than $140 million for bank and insurance bondholders following a Eurobond default. The matter against the British Virgin Islander bond issuer, the Egyptian guarantor companies, and two individual owners was found to involve fraud and misappropriations of assets.
Case Study
Mintz secured an award of more than $10 million after an eight-day arbitration for an automotive supplier that is a portfolio company of a Mintz private equity client. The automotive supplier had sued a truck manufacturing company for contract violations.
Case Study
Mintz led a complex civil RICO suit for digital consumer product manufacturer Tatung Company, suing 34 foreign and US defendants. After defeating over 30 motions to dismiss the complaint, the Mintz team secured an approximately $20 million settlement for Tatung.