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IP For Start-Ups: Part V

In our fifth "IP for Start-Ups” video, “Copyrights versus Patents to Protect Software Innovations”, Mike discusses the pros and cons of using copyrights or patents to protect your software. There are advantages and challenges inherent in either approach, and Mike provides insights into each. He gives particular attention to the Alice Corp v CLS Bank Int'l decision at the US Supreme Court which made it much harder to patent software.

Click here for the full “IP for Start-Ups” video playlist.

Tune into Global IP Matters every Tuesday at 11:00 AM for a new video in the “IP for Start-Ups” series, where Mike will address different aspects of patent strategy specifically for start-up companies. Looking for more start-up information? Check out MintzEdge, a resource for entrepreneurs with insights and tools for starting or growing your enterprise.

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Michael D. Van Loy, PhD, is a Mintz patent attorney and technology protection strategist. Michael works with growing and established companies to create, manage, and improve intellectual property portfolios in the US and abroad. His practice focuses on enforceability and business value.