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Patent Portfolio Strategy

Build Your Patent Strategy with a Focus on Your Business Goals

We help clients build long-term patent strategies that focus their IP spend where it creates the most value. Investors put a lot of emphasis on patent strategy and quality when assessing smaller companies. Larger companies are more competitive when they create and implement patent strategy. According to the editors of IAM Patent 1000, Mintz practitioners "understand all that goes into protecting and strengthening clients’ competitive market standing, as well as what investors are looking for in a portfolio."

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Our Experience

Case Study
Professionals in Mintz's Patent Prosecution & Strategic Counseling Practice advise Roche Molecular Systems on various patent matters. Mintz has managed the client’s patent portfolio since Roche Molecular acquired Ariosa Diagnostics and its non-invasive prenatal test “Harmony.

Helping global corporations protect their market positions


Positioning start-ups for their sale, license or expansion

Case Study
Mintz handled patent prosecution for Wayne Fueling Systems when GE Oil & Gas owned the fuel-product manufacturer. After private equity firm Riverstone Holdings bought Wayne Fueling, Mintz helped its client develop policies for identifying innovations and managing its patent portfolio.

Our Approach

We are practical, focused, and strategic. We will delve into your portfolio to develop a deep understanding of your current position. We will spend time off the clock with you to gain real insight into your business, products, plans, and goals. We will get to know your competitors and what they're developing. And then we will use all we have learned to devise a portfolio strategy that comprehensively meet your needs.

​Begin to Develop Your Strategy
  • Define your business goals for the product or family of products
  • Identify the novel elements of your products
  • Monitor the competition’s IP and products
  • Map out your technology and all its features
​Offensive Versus Defensive Patents
  • Offensive patents block others from using your technology
  • Offensive patents create value from the very beginning
  • Defensive patents can prevent competitors from improving upon products
  • Defensive patents increase in value over time by creating leverage over competitors
​Entrepreneur — What’s Your Goal?

Do you want to get out of the gate fast and attract a buyer based on your idea and IP?

Are you planning to grow for a while and then sell?

Do you want to keep the company long term and build the business?

Your answer to these questions should guide your approach to building your patent portfolio.

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