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In Case You Missed It: A List of Our Health Care Year in Review Posts

Over the last few weeks, we published a number of posts examining important developments and trends in 2018 as well as what we expect to see in 2019. Our posts cover a range of topics, including enforcement and litigation, HIPAA, and the FDA. In case you missed one, below are links to all of our Year In Review posts.

Health Care Enforcement

We continued our annual tradition of recapping developments in the health care enforcement landscape. Our series, Health Care Enforcement Year in Review & 2019 Outlook, contains posts on the following enforcement-related topics: 

For those looking for additional information on trends in FCA enforcement, we also recommend that you read DOJ Follows Through on a 2018 New Years’ Resolution: Rein In Qui Tam Actions.


Those interested in HIPAA and health care data privacy should check out HIPAA and Health Care Data Privacy - 2018 Year-in-Review, which covers this past year's developments in HIPAA enforcement, OCR announcements, state data breach laws, as well as our thoughts about what's ahead in 2019, including potential changes to HIPAA. 


This past year has seen a number of developments in FDA policy, and 2019 will likely prove to be just as dynamic. We recap this past year and forecast potential changes in 2019 in FDA 2018 Year in Review (and a Few Thoughts on 2019). Those interested in what 2019 will bring for medical products in particular should read our comprehensive analysis in Medical Products & FDA: What to Watch for in 2019.

Medicaid and the ACA

If you're interested in catching up on the state of Medicaid expansion across the country, check out Recent State Action Relating to Medicaid Expansion. We also examine what 2019 may bring for the Affordable Care Act in our piece What's Next After the Texas vs. Azar Ruling?.

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