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The AI Energy Transition — Insights from Mintz’s Second Annual Energy Transition Summit

The AI Energy Transition panel, moderated by Mintz Member Paul Dickerson and featuring Priya Donti, an Assistant Professor at MIT and Co-Founder & Chair of Climate Change AI, Jon Guerster, a Partner at Activate Capital, and Allison Myers, Co-Founder & General Partner at Bouyant Ventures, delved into the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence and the evolving energy sector.

Panelists covered how AI is shaping our future energy landscape by focusing on three distinct themes: innovation, funding, and opportunity. Regarding the first theme of innovation, panelists provided insights on the ways they’re seeing AI innovations being best deployed in the energy space, covered how utilities are utilizing AI, and discussed the necessary enablers for energy sector deployment of AI under development. When the conversation turned to funding, strategies for selecting both funding partners and investments were offered from various perspectives. And, last but certainly not least, in terms of opportunity, the most compelling areas of application and perspectives on where the biggest opportunities lie, both generally and for collaboration — as well as the workforce — were volleyed about.

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