b'LOOKING AHEAD - MINTZ RECRUITING EFFORTS While we have always prioritized diversity82% FEMALEatthefirm,in2020wesignificantly increased our commitment by pledging to hire 50% more Black attorneys by June65% STUDENTS OF COLOR2022,andwehiredourmostdiverse summer associate class to date. 12% LGBTQMovingforwardinto2021andbeyond,weare We also are incrediblyimplementing initiatives to ensure inclusion and equity,includingbyconveningaBlackAlumni proud of our newestMentoringAllianceforourBlackassociates, class of elevatedrequiringanti-biastrainingforrecruitingand partners7 of 9 offorthosewhomanageworkallocationand whom are women, evaluations, offering creditable time for diversity and 3 of whom areefforts,andhostingtownhallgatheringsto women of color. discuss systemic racism, gender inequality in the law, and other topics of interest to the firm.PARENTING COHORTSAND PARENTAL LEAVE POLICY WO ENSINITIATIVEAs a firm, we are committed to maintaining and promoting our talent. A key way for us to demonstrate this commitment is to recognize that our associates, counsel, patent agents, and technical advisors may benefit from a reduced work schedule associated with certain qualifying leaves of absence, especially but not exclusively one following the birth of a child, in order to alleviate some of the stress related to meeting hours requirements. Allowing them to return at an 80% schedule with no corresponding reduction in pay will give them time to reconnect with their practices, get involved in current matters, and attend to responsibilities outside of the firm. We believe this may go a long way in reducing the stress associated with reintegration following a leave. We now also allow up to 30 hours of creditable time formedicalappointmentsorothertransitionactivitiesastheseemployeespreparefora qualifying leave. Additionally, we have changed our definition of a primary caregiver, paving the way for more of our employees to participate in the primary caregiver program following the birth or placement of a child.THE 2020 MINTZ DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION REPORT p. 10'