b'SUMMER ASSOCIATES SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCESWhile last summer was far from normal, we were thrilled to welcome an impressive class of summer associates to Mintz. Below, Mike Goldberg and Kadie Martin discuss what it was like to work as remote associates and what the summer meant to them, while Sofia Nuo Unanue provides a broader perspectivereflecting on the road she traveled to become a lawful permanent resident in the US, attend law school, and join the Mintz litigation team.I think that the most surprising thing about the summer program was how willing people were to speak with us. Maybe social distancing has made everyone starved for connectionor maybe the Mintz community is just super friendlybut it was easy and painless to network. Everyone, whether first-year associates or Members, was so accessible. I learned about a ton of different practice areas and feel much more prepared to rejoin the firm next fall.MIKE GOLDBERG Above all else, I wanted to be a Mintz summer associate to work with the firms remarkable people. Even in these strange and stressful pandemic times,theydidnotdisappoint.Ifanything,theyexceededmyhigh expectations. Alec Zadek taught me what it means to be an agile and tenacious litigator by assigning me challenging and nuanced assignments and giving me constructive, specific feedback to improve my writing. My mentors, Nancy Adams and Mathilda McGee-Tubb, welcomed me warmly during my first week and provided encouragement, research, and mediation shadowing opportunities, and advice throughout the six weeks.KADIE MARTINTHE 2020 MINTZ DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION REPORT p. 8'