b'TABLE OF CONTENTSOUR COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION 5 A MORE INCLUSIVE FIRM. 7 Summer Associates Share Their Experiences .8 Looking AheadMintz Recruiting Efforts . 10 Parenting Cohorts/Parental Leave Policy 10 MIATTY Retreat . 11EMBRACED AT MINTZ -An Interview with Member Steve Weiner 12A MORE INCLUSIVE PROFESSION17 Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Fellow Angela Kung 18 $100K Donation Drives LCR Racial Justice Initiatives 19 Mintz Attorneys Affinity Bar Associations .20A DIVERSITY PIPELINE PROGRAM -An Interview with Associate Rachel Gholston 22A MORE INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY25 Shes the Boss 26 West Coast Women in Tech .26 Mintz Votes 27FROM MIGRANT FIELD WORKER TO BIG LAW MANAGING PARTNER-The Remarkable Journey of Joshua Briones 28BIDDING FAREWELL TO MERYL EPSTEIN.32UPON REFLECTION. 37p. 3'