b'I remember when the Obergefell decision wasissued,Merylhelpedorganizea spontaneousLGBTcelebrationinoneof the conference roomsI think it was she whojusthappenedtohaveabottleof champagne in her office for the occasion, but in any event a bottle manifested itself from nowhere. We of the older generation reveledinhowopen,comfortable,and safealloftheyoungergenerationfelt. Merylplayedsuchanimportantrolein creatingthatenvironment,andallofus, whether LGBT or straight, BIPOC or white, should thank her for the role she played in promoting and preserving such a culture. Those values will continue at the firm and will be a testament to Meryls contribution toMintz.Iwishherallthebestin her retirement.STEPHEN WEINERMember / Founding Chair,Health Law Practicep. 35'