b'A DIVERSITY PIPELINE PROGRAM An Interviewwith AssociateRachel GholstonCorporateattorneyRachelGholstongot herstartatthefirmthroughtheRichard MintzDiversityScholarship,aprogramfor high-achievinglawstudentsfromunder-representedbackgroundsthatcombines fundsfortuition,apaidsummerposition, andaprobonointernshipduringthe following academic year. Rachel participated in the program as a 1L summer associate in 2012, but the program is now open to 2Ls only. Rachel, who advises start-ups as well as investment and venture capital funds, was drawn to transactional work during her time in the program.Q:What were your experiences with the program?Rachel:Forallfunctionsandpurposes,I was a summer associate. I was part of the summerclass.Icontinuedtohaveavery great relationship with my co-summers, who were 2Ls at the time. We all came back to Mintz. It was great because I had a group of people I had worked with prior to starting. I had a variety of assignments, [in] health care, employment, and litigation, a wide variety of assignmentswithalotofgreatattorneys. Partofmymotivationforcomingback was those experiences working with those colleagues. I got the mentorship I needed. p. 22'