b'A MORE INCLUSIVE PROFESSION$100K DONATION DRIVES LCR RACIAL JUSTICE INITIATIVESLastfall,aspartofamultistepplanmedia.MintzsdonationalsoallowedLCR announced on Juneteenth to drive changeto expand its work on behalf of hate crime in our communities, Mintz donated a total ofvictims. In addition to securing support for $150,000 to three civil rights organizationsvictimsandtheirfamilies,LCRworksto workingtoendsocialinjustice.Withtheensure law enforcement officials investigate helpofa$100,000donationfromMintz,and address all hate crime incidents. Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) was able toMintzdonatedanadditional$25,000to accelerate its work to advance equality andLegal Outreach and $25,000 to the Marshall justiceduringachallengingyearplaguedProject.LegalOutreach,basedinNew by overlapping health, economic, and racialYork, seeks to level the educational playing justice pandemics. An independent Bostonfieldforminority,lowincome,andfirst-nonprofitassociatedwiththenationalgenerationstudents.Theorganizations Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights UnderstudentprogrammingincludesaSummer Law, LCR is one of Mintzs oldest pro bonoLaw Institute, hosted by Mintz this summer, partners,andseveralMintzattorneyshaveandCollegeBound,afour-yearcollege served on its board.preparatory program. In2020,thefirmssupporthelpedfundaTheMarshallProjecthasreceivedawards criticalLCRinitiative.Withthegenerousfor its journalism on the US criminal justice contributionwereceivedfromMintz,wesystem and its disproportionate impacts on were able to execute a very robust electioncommunities of color. After the organization protection campaign to make sure all voterswon a Pulitzer Prize recently for a series called had access to the ballot box, LCR ExecutiveMauledabouttheviolentuseofpolice Director Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal said. Manydogs,DirectorofDevelopmentAmanda MintzcommunitymembersvolunteeredWilsonwrotetothankMintzformaking toensurethesuccessoftheprojectthese kinds of stories possible. [They] are troubleshootingvotersmail-inballotmoving the needle for a more just, humane challengesandotherissuesinrealtime,andtransparentcriminaljusticesystem, manning the polls to check that election lawsshe said. were being observed, and monitoring social p. 19'