b'Meryl was one of the first people I met when I started at Mintz fifteen years ago. Though our practices were completely distinct, from day one, Meryl invested inmeandmyprofessionaldevelopmentatthefirm.Beyondprofessional mentoring, Meryl also labored to ensure that Mintz created and maintained a welcoming, inclusive environment for attorneys and staff like me. Meryl always pushed the firm to remain on the forefront of LGBTQ+ issues and professional progress.Weareastronger,wiser,andmorewelcomingfirmbecauseof Meryls efforts. The generation of leaders she inspired will continue to follow her example and carry her message of fairness and equity for all.JOHN KOSSManaging Director,E-Data Consulting GroupIt has truly been a treat to call Meryl my colleague and partner. Her accomplishments as a lawyer are vast but it has been a privilege to have a front row seat in watching her as a Diversity Champion. I will miss her tremendously as she has always been a trusted confidant and wish her all the best in her post-Mintz endeavors.TYRONE THOMASChair, Diversity Committee / Member & Co-chair, Sports & Entertainment Practicep. 33'