b'LEADERSHIP COUNCIL ON LEGAL DIVERSITY (LCLD) FELLOW ANGELA KUNG impressivecompaniesandlawfirms,they werealsoatsimilarpointsintheircareers and therefore served as a great network of support. And I continue to be in touch with many of my LCLD fellows today! Im thrilled to be a part of this program and appreciative ofMintzssupportandcommitmentto ANGELA KUNG diversity. Member, Technology, Communications& Media Practice Inadditiontobuildingasuccessful TechCommregulatorypracticeatMintz, Angela Kung was Mintzs 2020 LCLD Fellow.AngelafoundedthefirmsNext-Gen-Fem TheLCLDFellowsProgramisayear-long(NGF) initiative in 2019 and has continued professionaldevelopmentseriesfocusedtostrengthenthisimportantprogram. onleadershipandrelationship-building.Today, NGF is a networking group of more Eachyear,fellowsareinvitedtoattendthan125risingwomenprofessionalsfrom in-personconferencesandparticipateinnearly40organizationsinthetechnology peer-group projects to foster collaborationand communications sector. Based primarily and build relationships, and they are givenintheWashington,DCarea,NGFbuildsa opportunitiesforextensivecontactwithsense of community among up-and-coming LCLDs top leadership, including the generalwomen leaders and influencers by providing counsel, who host the fellows for Learninguniquenetworkingopportunitiesthatgo Experiences and Leadership Lunches. Whilebeyondtraditionaleventswhilecreating 2020 created a challenging environment foranopenandinclusiveenvironmentwhere in-personevents,Angelawasfortunatetoparticipantscansupportoneanotheras experience her first LCLD meeting in Miamithey progress in their careers. before lockdown and has actively engaged intheprogramsvirtualleadershipand learning events. Angelareportsthatherexperiencethus farhasbeenincrediblyrewarding.She explains: While I was only able to attend one LCLD event before COVID-19 hit, the program wasengaging,andthepeopleImetwere amazing. Not only did I connect with a wide and diverse array of legal professionals from THE 2020 MINTZ DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION REPORT p. 18'