b'OUR COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION2020 was a decade of a year!We left ournumber of Black attorneys at our firm by 50% offices in March 2020, assuming we would allin two years (among other initiatives); we set be back within a matter of months.Instead,the trend for many others in the legal industry over a year later we are still working out of ourbygivingouremployeesthedayoffto homes.The year has brought many valuablevolunteer on Election Day, and our employees lessons.We have learned that we are capablespentalmost500hoursvolunteeringfor ofagilityandstrength.Wehavelearnedvarious nonpartisan election-related initiatives that our culture transcends physical spaces,(andhundredsmorehoursonpartisan andthetiesthatbindMintzemployeesareones); our employees joined the ABA 21-Day stronger than geography. Racial Equity Challenge and met regularly to discuss systemic racism; we conducted anti-Last summer, we watched in horror as Georgebias training for all firm interviewers and we FloydandtoomanyotherBlackmenanddisseminated bias interrupters to all evaluators womenwerekilled;wealsowitnessedthewriting reviews; and we hosted discussions on disparate impact of COVID-19 on Black andallyship, intersectionality, and pro bono work Brown communities across the US; we saw theto dismantle racism. economy and infrastructure across the nation decline; and we listened and bore witness toAlso in 2020, we interviewed and hired our the stories our colleagues shared of their livedmost diverse class of summer associates to experienceswithracism,throughtheMintzdate: 82% women, 65% students of color, and Narrativesproject.Againstthatbackdrop,12% LGBTQ.We also elevated an incredibly wedoubled-downonourcommitmenttodiverseclassofattorneystopartnership:7 nurture Mintzs culture and people, and makeof our 9 new partners are women, and 3 of the firm and our various communities morethem are women of color.And through it all, diverse, inclusive, and equitable.We resolvedwe continued to provide our clients with the to weather the crises without any pandemic- excellent service and support to which they inducedlayoffsorfurloughs,andwearehavebeenaccustomed.Weareincredibly thrilled to have succeeded.We joined the Lawproud of the work we have done across our FirmAnti-RacismAlliancetohelpeliminateoffices and sections to be a better law firm systemic racism; we launched our Black Alumniandtobebettercitizensofourvarious Mentoring Alliance; we observed Juneteenthcommunities.And we are excited to do even bycommittingourselvestoincreasingthemore in the near future.- BOB AND NARGES ROBERT BODIANNARGES KAKALIA Managing Member Director of Diversity,Equity & Inclusionp. 5'